Accept agrotokens and simplify your operations

Everything is more simple when you get paid in agrotokens

By accepting digital grains, you are offering your customers a new payment method and financing alternatives.

Simple and fast
Get paid in agrotokens and receive the money in your account within 24 hours.
Wherever and whenever you need
Your customers will be able to operate using digital grains 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, safely and quickly.
More agility
Make payments to your suppliers with a single click, and simplify your management.

The ideal solution for your business

Discover solutions that will help to facilitate transactions, centralize business management and reduce administrative burden.

Billing and payment
Generate a payment link for your customers, receive payments in agrotokens and redirect payments to your suppliers all at the same time.
Lower transaction costs for both parties
Receive funds faster
Alternativas de financiación
Ahora tus clientes pueden dejar sus agrotokens como garantía para acceder a mejores condiciones de financiamiento de forma 100% digital.

If you accept VISA, you accept Agrotokens

Farmers can pay you in digitized grains from their digital wallet using their Agrotoken VISA card, and your business will receive the funds.

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