Agrotokens as collateral. More financing for agro.

Agrotokens as collateral. More financing for agro.

Solutions that drive agribusiness

We connect producers with financial institutions to offer new forms of financing. With agrotokens as collateral, it is easier to access credit lines, guarantees and trade finance.

Simplified processes  and 100% digital
Solicitudes más simples de préstamos o avales, en cualquier lugar.
Liquid guarantee and better conditions
Thanks to blockchain technology, grains are now liquid, secure and reliable.
Flexibility in the form of of cancellation
Financing that can be paid in pesos or with digitized grains.

Discover financing alternatives

Digital collateral
100% digital guarantees from Mutual Guarantee Societies backed by digital grains.
Commercial financing
Member retailers already accepting agrotokens as collateral to finance transactions.

Potenciá tus granos.

Are you a farmer?
Use your grains as collateral
Offering financing?
With Agrotoken you can accept digital grains as collateral.