Bring the agro revolution to your business

Bring the agro revolution to your business

Who we are

Because agribusiness is our passion, we decided to create a more simple and efficient ecosystem that combines agriculture and technology, and brings value to everyone.

To do that, we developed the first global infrastructure for agricultural commodities tokenization, which transforms grains into agrotokens that can be exchanged for goods, services and other assets, or used as a way of acquiring financial support.



Industries are evolving, and at Agrotoken we are working to ensure the agricultural sector reaches its full potential with innovative solutions that simplify transactions, improve liquidity, and transform the way we all do business.


 Become part of an ecosystem that allows you to operate in a more simple, agile and secure way.

01. Farmers

Digitize your grains and use it to acquire products and services, or as collateral to obtain financing. You can also get a Visa card funded by your agrotokens!

02. Merchants

Accept agrotokens as a form of payment and grow your business with less friction in each transaction, in a 100% digital way.

03. Grain holders

Bring innovative solutions to your clients to help them to operate with their grains.


We have the infrastructure to create a solution based on your needs so that you can carry out commercial and financial transactions more securely and with maximum cost efficiency.

Financial institutions

Agrotokens are the new collateral. Now you can accept grains from your farmers to offer new financing alternatives.

Agrotoken in numbers

Dollars in transaction


Digital grains






Grain holders




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