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We connect agricultural tradition with digital innovation to accelerate the liquidity of your produce and create payment and financing solutions you need at every stage of your production cycle.

With us, you can transform your soy, corn and wheat grains into agrotokens, available in your digital wallet, for  better management of your business.

Immediate liquidity
Improve the liquidity of your grains with prices available 24/7.
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More ways of using your grains
Leverage new means of payment and financing with your production.

Digitize your production

It all starts here. Transform your production into digital grains online and get access to all the solutions Agrotoken has for you.

Solutions that bring value

Get your Agrotoken VISA and use it to buy everything you need with your digital grains and control your expenses.
Use your agrotokens as collateral to obtain the best agricultural financing.

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More than 250 merchants already accept agrotokens

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