Agrotoken VISA card:
your grains, always with you

Buy all you want with your agrotokens

If you’re a soy, corn, or wheat  farmer, now you can pay all your expenses in a practical and secure way with a card specially designed for you.

Whenever you want
Use your card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Wherever you want
Pay with your grains in over 100 million stores all around the world.
More secure expenses
Controlá todos tus gastos y los de tus colaboradores.

Order your card now

Follow these steps to apply for your Agrotoken VISA card.



Register on Agrotoken, if you haven’t already



Download the app and request your card



Authorize it, digitize your production, and make your purchases with agrotokens



Registrate en Agrotoken si aún no lo hiciste.



Descargá la App y pedí tu tarjeta



Habilitala, digitalizá tu producción y pagá tus compras con agrotokens.

How Agrotoken VISA works

Get started

To start using it, you must digitize at least 5 tons of soy, corn or wheat grains.

Where to buy

You can make purchases with your grains 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, in over 100 million stores  all around the world that accept VISA.

Additional cards

You can assign a card to a member of your work team, and set the amount and type of expenses they can make.

Cost control

Every time you make a purchase, it will be debited from your digitized grain stock as agrotokens.


The conversion of agrotokens to dollars for purchases made with the card will be set by the grain holder where you operate, on a weekly basis, according to the Agrotoken price index published on MatbaRofex.